HemaBuddy™ - Dog Health Supplement and Treat

✓ Great taste
Delicious training treat to use as a reward
Mouth-watering taste for low appetite and picky eaters

Seanol® + Collagen + Vitamins + Minerals
Takes care of skin, coat, muscle and joints for growing and old pups

Real meat
Packed with high-quality natural proteins from chicken and fish meat

✓ Balanced nutrition
Targets recommended daily values that complement common dog food

Low-fat, grain-free treats
Promote a balanced diet for your pet

Anti-inflammatory effects
Powerful natural benefits from brown kelp polyphenols (Seanol®) and green-lipped mussels

For pet dogs aged 2 months and above.
Store refrigerated and finish as soon as possible after opening.

Patent no. KR 10-2018-0009440

Ingredients: chicken breast powder, tapioca, cellulose, glycerin, functional ingredients (Ecklonia cava extract (Seanol®), fish collagen, seaweed calcium, flax seed extract powder, heme iron, vitamin complex, etc.), fish tender, hydrolyzed chicken meat, gelatin, milk protein, fructooligosaccharides, β-glucan, green-lipped mussel powder, vitamin complex (vitamin A, B12, E, D, etc.), mineral complex (calcium, iron, zinc, etc.)

Medium and Large Breeds: 180g (3g x 60pcs)
Small and Toy Breeds: 90g (1.5g x 60pcs)
60 days per pack

Product of South Korea

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