HemaBuddies Stories


13y/M, Maltese, 3.5kg

Skin infection improved in 10 days with Seanol®.


14y/F (neutered), poodle, 1kg

Uremia and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS)

Routine treatment of uremia did not decrease her BUN (blood urea nitrogen) and CRE (creatine) since her first diagnosis, but they started getting better after taking Seanol®. Her constitutional symptoms have improved, she has regained strength in her hindlimbs so she can stand up, she barks in the morning and even steals other dogs’ food to eat. Her appetite has not increased very much but her behavior has returned as before, so many people are happy for her.

Dr. Sung-Kyun Kim

"There are many new health supplements that disappear from stores after a while. They seem to show beneficial effects at first, but don't improve any more after 2~3 months. However with this Seanol product, this doesn't seem to be the case. As pets continue to take HemaBuddy™, their health conditions become better and better over time. With regular feeding, after 3 months, the pets' skin and fur will be significantly improved."
- Dr. Sung-Kyun Kim, Veterinary Director, Ilsan Kim S Animal Hospital