The Recipe

Does your dog avoid pills or supplements?

One of the most common feedback we get from HemaBuddies is that their pup loves HemaBuddy™. You will no longer have to force your dog to eat supplements that they don't like!

In fact, HemaBuddy™ is so loved by dogs that you can use it as a training treat and promote a healthy diet at the same time.

HemaBuddy™ Dog Health Supplement and Treat | FDA and vet-approved human-grade dog treats. Supports dogs joint pain and skin diseases. Complete supplement for senior dogs. Dog patella hip arthritis supplements. Soft chews for dog teeth.

Complete nutrition balance

HemaBuddy™'s unique and patented formula contains brown kelp polyphenols (Seanol®) together with real meat proteins, collagens, vitamins and minerals to complete and balance the nutrition of your dog's diet.

Formulated by dog chefs and vets, HemaBuddy™ dog health supplement targets common deficiencies with carefully selected ingredients. If you're looking for a supplement to complement your dog's daily diet, HemaBuddy™ is the choice.

HemaBuddy™ Dog Health Supplement and Treat | Dogs Complete Nutrition Supplement for Balanced Diet. Dog chews formulated by dog chefs and vets. Contains brown kelp polyphenols (Seanol®), Green-lipped mussels, real meat and collagens for dogs

Functional ingredients

Seanol®, a human-grade novel food ingredient approved by FDAs worldwide, is an anti-inflammatory supplement to support joint pain and chronic skin diseases for senior dogs. Seanol® is a unique ingredient that can only be found in HemaBuddy™. Combined with Omega-3 from green-lipped mussels, HemaBuddy™ makes a powerful supplement for hips, joints and arthritis.

Young pups will also benefit from the natural proteins, vitamins and minerals that are packed in HemaBuddy™ to grow into healthy, happy dogs.

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