• Treats with supplement sprinkles for your dog's everyday adventures

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"They love it so much, I might feed them more than I should!"

With a mouth-watering formula developed by dog chefs and vets, your dog will come running for HemaBuddy™ as soon as you open it.

Plus, it's packed with advanced natural bioactive ingredients for their complete happiness and well-being.

Formulated by dog chefs and vets

The Recipe


Powerful natural benefits from brown kelp polyphenols (Seanol®) and green-lipped mussels. For pain-free joints, strong muscles, healthy skin and fluffy coat.


High-quality natural proteins from chicken and fish meat. HemaBuddy™ instantly perks up your pup's nose.


Packed with collagen, multivitamins and minerals for dogs of all ages. Low-fat and grain-free.


Beloved by picky eaters and low appetite pups.
A perfect training reward to command the naughty ones.

"I started feeding my baby HemaBuddy™ when I realized that nutrition is just important for him as much as it is for me. He loves the taste and doesn't have any problems digesting it. I'm super satisfied!"

Joona Seo

"I've tried feeding them many snacks and supplements from the market, but they're very picky, so I usually give them hand-made snacks. So it's unbelievable how well they eat HemaBuddy™!"

Yoojin Han

"My puppy loves it so much. It looks like she loves the taste, and it smells ok for me too. She listens to my orders because she wants the snack!"

Hwayoung Shin